Using Autoresponders To Profit In Your Business

Autoresponders are a specific type of software, that you can use to create a list of subscribers, and send some scheduled messages, to the subscribers on your list at some specific intervals.

You can generally use autoresponders to profit in your business, by using it with your business ecommerce transactions, and/or with your opt in list of subscribers, newsletter subscribers and your customer list etc, in order to generate some sales/income and more sales/income, for your business (as a merchant, product owner, affiliate, blogger etc).

There are different types of autoresponders, some specific types of autoresponders include email autoresponders, SMS autoresponders and MMS autoresponders.

With email autoresponders, you can create a list of subscribers, and then send and schedule messages to the subscribers on the list using email.

With SMS autoresponders, you can create a list of subscribers, and then send and schedule messages to the subscribers on the list using SMS text messages, through mobile phones and/or on mobile platforms, a SMS message is a text message.

With MMS autoresponders, you can create a list of subscribers, and then send and schedule messages to the subscribers on the list using MMS messages, through mobile phones and/or on mobile platforms. A MMS message may contain text, images, video and/or audio as content.

In order for you to be able to use an autoresponder with your list for profit, the autoresponder will generally need to have

  • A sign up form or some sign up option that your targets can use to opt in or join the autoresponder list as subscribers
  • You will need to be able to set up scheduled messages that you can send to your list at some specific interval or on some specific dates
  • You will need an automatic unsubscribed link or an option to unsubscribe from the list, that you will need to include with each one of the messages that you will send to the subscribers on your email autoresponder lists, or a keyword that your subscribers can text to a number to unsubscribe from your SMS or MMS autoresponder.

These are the basic features that you will need to use, to profit with an autoresponder and your opt-in list, most business autoresponders may however provide more features/options than these.

Unlimited Autoresponders

As a business, whether your business is big or small, you should ideally only use autoresponders that will allow you to

  • Send unlimited number of messages
  • Sign up unlimited number of subscribers
  • Import unlimited number of contacts

That is, you should be able to use an autoresponder to build your list without any limit as indicated and noted above, whether your business is small or big.

You should however note that, you may not be able to get an autoresponder without some limits with the free versions of paid autoresponders, you should also note that to get such unlimited use of most paid autoresponders too, as noted above, may be quite costly or expensive for your business too.

You should also note that for a lot of paid autoresponders

  • As the number of subscribers on your list increases, you may be charged more money
  • As the number of messages that you may need to send to your subscribers increases, you may also be charged more money
  • And if you wish to upload some specific number of contacts, that is more than a given and stated limit, you may also need to pay more in order for you to be able to do this too

You may however get some paid or free email autoresponders without limits (as noted above) for your business, such specific type of autoresponders include some paid and opensource (free) email autoresponders (including WordPress plugins etc), that you can install on your website. That is, you will be using the mailing system on your website to send email messages through such autoresponders.

You will however need to find out about the limits, that your web hosting service may have placed on sending of emails through your website, if you will need to send a lot of email messages through the autoresponder that you will or may have installed on your website, or if you have a large number of contacts on your list, that you will need to use with the email autoresponder, that you may have installed on your website.

You may also need some technical help with the installation of such software (that is, the email autoresponder software) too, and may also need to hire and pay a web developer to help you to install the software too. You will also need to ensure that your business domain name, is not blacklisted on spam lists on the internet too, if you are going to be using such email autoresponders for your opt-in list.

Instead of installing your autoresponder software on your website, you may also choose to install it on the website of a third party host (that is, a web hosting service that you can specifically use, for sending out a lot of emails), this may prevent some of the issues that you may have with installing the software on your website as noted above, you will however need to do some research to determine the cost of using this option, and to determine too, if can afford to use such an option in your business.

About Additional Autoresponders Features

A lot of autoresponder software, may typically come with more features than the basic features that were noted/stated above, you may therefore want or need to use or get such additional features, with your autoresponder software and for your opt-in list too.

Some additional features that you can get with an autoresponder software include the ability to

  • Segment your contacts
  • Trigger your messages based on some criteria or actions
  • Remove duplicate contact entries from your list
  • Attach documents, files etc to your opt-in list messages
  • Provide access to multiple users
  • etc

Choosing An Autoresponder For Your Business

You can choose an autoresponder software for your business, based on your need and the features, that you would want to be able to use with your autoresponder software. You should however note that you will need to choose an autoresponder software that you can afford or else you may not be able to access the software, once you are unable to continue to pay for it, you will want to avoid this.

Thus before you choose/select an autoresponder you should ideally

  • Determine the features that you will need and
  • The potential cost of using your chosen/selected autoresponder within some specific period of time, such as within a year, 2 years etc
  • And then determine whether you will or not be able to afford your chosen/selected autoresponder in your business

You will need to review and evaluate the cost of your autoresponder with the cost of the other items that you will also need to use to profit in your business too. You can learn more about how to determine your potential cost to profit in your business at To Determine How Much It Will Potentially Cost You To Profit And Make Some Specific $X Amount In Sales/Income In Your Business.

If you are on a shoe-string budget or if you cannot afford the potential cost of using the specific autoresponder that you want, you may have to make do with

  • Free autoresponders with some limits
  • Paid autoresponders with some limits
  • Autoresponders without some specific features that you want

You can learn more about how to use different types of autoresponders for profit in your business at

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