If You Are Selling Multiple Types Of Products And/Or Services, In Order For You To Profit Optimally Through Them

You will need to determine and know

  • The niches that each of the products/services that you sell (or that you may wish to sell) falls into and
  • The targets that are likely to buy each of the product/service that you will sell in each of such niches

For example, if you are selling different types of shoes, you will need to know the shoe niche that you are selling to, and the type of targets that are likely to buy the type of shoes that you may have opted to sell, in your chosen niche. For instance, you may be selling different types of shoes to different targets as follows

(a). Targets: Women

  • Some Women Shoe Niches are
    • Women Shoes
    • Women Dress Shoes
    • Women Sandals

(b). Targets: Men

  • Some Men Shoe Niches are
    • Men Shoes
    • Men Dress Shoes
    • Men Athletic Shoes

Some other types of or additional products, services and niche examples are as follows

(a). Niche: Insurance Companies

  • Targets
    • Property Insurance Companies
    • Life Insurance Companies
    • Re-Insurance Companies

(b). Niche: Plumbers

  • Targets
    • Offices
    • Homes

In order for you to generate some sales/income through your products, services, targets and their niches, you may create some general type of content, ads and offers, that can be used to promote to all or some of your targets together. You will however, get some better results and sales too, if you create your content, ads and offers specifically for each of your targets, per the specific type of product/service that they want, and based on the value that each of your product/service, can provide to each of your target groups specifically.

You should note before you start selling any product/service, that you should ideally have done some research to know how potentially profitable the product/service is, who the targets for the product/service are, the value you should provide with the product/service in order to sell etc, in order for you to know the right type of content, ads and offers that you can create, or that you can ask others to create for you to use with your promotions, to generate some sales/income for your business, through your products/services .

If you have not done such researches yet and you already have a business, you can do them now, if you would want to profit optimally in your business

You should also note that, while you may sell your products/services together (in an online or offline store for instance), you will however need to create separate content, ads and offers for each one of your products/services, in order for you to be able to generate a lot more sales/income from your products/services, through your promotions.

The more you promote each of your product/service specifically, the more you are likely to make money or more money through them, with your promotions.

For instance, you can promote shoes generally and then promote specific types of shoes such as women shoes, women pump shoes, men shoes, men dress shoes etc too, in order to generate more sales/income for your business.

You may however sell related products/services together as packages, upgrades, upsells etc. You may also sell unrelated products/services together too, in a store for instance.

Thus, to promote one or multiple products/services successfully in your business, you can promote them generally (that is, in your business, or in your store), or per product, per niche, per target, per location, per country, per ad medium/method, by creating your promotional content, ads, offers based on each one of these.

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