SMM: You Will Need To Use A Social Media Strategist In Order To Profit

To profit through the social media, you will generally need to set a social media profit goal for your business, for some specific period of time, and then create and implement a social media strategy and plan to achieve that goal. The steps and the social media management task/activities that are typically involved in this, … Read more

Social Commerce/Ecommerce In Barbados: How To Get Paid Locally Or Internationally

Some of the options that you have to get paid for your product(s)/service(s) locally or internationally from or through the social media in Barbados are 1). By directing your social media traffic (potential customers/clients) through url links to your online payment processor’s page, product/service page or your online store. To do this, you will first … Read more

If You Wish To Make $10,000 With A Product Or Service On The Social Media

If you wish to make $10,000 with a product/service on the social media, you will need to Have done the business researches that your business will need to do to profit Have determined that your business is potentially profitable enough to make $10,000 or more, within the specific period of time, that you would want … Read more

CEOs: What You Should Know About Profiting Through The Social Media

You can generally use the social media for your company/business to Provide support services (to customers, suppliers, employees, affiliates, agents, sales representatives etc) Gain or increase awareness for your brand and company/business Gain or increase your brand and/or company/business’ credibility Provide information Provide solutions Create customer lists Create prospect lists Generate sales Gain newsletter subscribers … Read more