Are There Any Disadvantages To Doing Social Media Marketing/Management By Myself?

While there are some disadvantages to doing your social media marketing/management by yourself, that should however not deter you from using this in your business, especially if it is really the only option that you have. One of the biggest disadvantages to doing social media marketing/management by yourself, is that, it may take you quite … Read more

What Is The Best And Ideal Way To Do Social Media Marketing In Your Business?

The best and ideal way to do social media marketing in your business is to 1). Do some research to Chose a potentially profitable niche to sell to Chose the targets (potential customers) that you will be selling to in your chosen/selected niche Define the country(s) and/or location(s) of your chosen targets Determine the type … Read more

What Is The Key Difference Between Making Less Than $1000, A $1000 Or More Through The Social Media?

The main or key difference between making less than a thousand dollars, or $1000 or more (that is $2000, $5000, six-figures etc) through the social media, is the amount of money you may need to spend on your social media marketing. The more money/profits that you may want to make, or generate in your business … Read more