Offline Ad Media/Methods

The following are some offline advertising methods and media you can use to promote and sell your products and/or services: Business Cards Referrals – From Friends, Family, Colleagues, Other Businesses Direct Mail Postcards Coupons Catalogs Informational Pamphlets Yellow Pages Classified Ads Radio Advertising TV Advertising Trade Shows Exhibitions Events – Local, Nationwide And/Or International Proposals … Read moreOffline Ad Media/Methods

Free & Paid Online Ad Media/Methods

These are some of the ad media or methods you can use to promote and sell your products and services online. Some of the most effective online ad media/methods are search engine optimization (SEO), article marketing, your own opt-in list of subscribers, social media marketing, joint ventures (with other people’s customers, lists, subscribers, site or … Read moreFree & Paid Online Ad Media/Methods