Local Marketing

Local marketing is the act of promoting your products and services locally. You can promote locally if you have a local business and/or if you wish to sell and promote your product/service in one or more specific localities.

Before you promote your product/service locally you should ideally

  • Know what your niche is
  • Know the specific locations you will be selling to
  • Know where you are likely to get to your targets at each of the specific locations you may want to sell in
  • Know the type of ads, content and offers that sell that should be used to promote to your targets
  • Know what your targets want or need, the problems they have and the solutions to the problems they may have in your chosen niche per the locations you may wish to sell
  • Know the value that you will be providing to your targets in each of the locations you may wish to sell
  • Have created or found the products and services that will provide your targets with the value that they want
  • Know the number of buying targets that you will need to get to, in order for you to make as much as you want in your business
  • Know how to profit and succeed with your business

These are all part of what you will need to research on, before you start your business, if you wish to succeed with it, you can learn more about this in The Profit Blueprint.

Once you have an understanding of all these and how to work them, and once you have set up your business, you can then use some local promotional ad media or methods, to get to your targeted audience in order to make some sales.

You will need to track each of the ad media/methods that you will be using for your local marketing, in order to determine and know the specific ad media/methods, that work for your business. You will need to do this, if you wish to profit and succeed with your business. You can learn more about tracking your promotions and ad media/methods in The Profit Blueprint.

Local Ad Media/Methods

In order to get optimal results from local ad media/methods, you should ideally

  • Use (if it is feasible) all the ad media where you can get to your targets and all the ad methods that you can use to reach them.
  • Know how to effectively use each of the ad media/methods you may want to use for your promotions
  • Know how to determine if your targets are on each of the ad media/methods that you may want to use for your promotions
  • Know how to get to your targets on each of the ad media/methods you may be using for your promotions

Your targets may or may not be on an ad medium, and you may or may not be able to reach your targets through an ad method. You may need to do some research or some promotions, on/with an ad medium/method, in order to know if you can get to your targets through it.

If an ad medium/method is providing you with some customers, targeted subscribers and/or targeted visitors you may keep on using it, if not, you may need to use another ad medium/method for your promotions.

You will need some specific type of skills, resources and/or tools in order to be able to use different types of ad media/methods in your business. Alternatively, you may either employ others and/or outsource whatever tasks you may need to do or perform, to promote your product/service effectively in order to make some money in your business.

Some of the different types of local ad media/methods that you can use for your promotions include

  • Local Website Marketing
  • Local Social Media Marketing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Postcards
  • Direct Mail
  • Classified Ads
  • Coupons
  • Informational Pamphlets
  • Yellow Pages
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