What Are The Items That People Use Every Day, That If I Sell And Market Right Could Turn Me Into A Multi Billionaire?

As a business, whether an item (product/service) is used every day or not, what really counts in terms of revenue, is how much you can potentially make in profits with the item/product, within some specific period of time, that is, say within 1, 2,3 years etc.

For example, you can have an item/product that people use every day, that you can potentially make $20,000 in profits from, within a year, while you may also have another product/service that people only use 20 times in a year, that is potentially profitable enough to make you $50,000 in profits, within a year etc.

That is why before you start any type of business, if you wish to profit and succeed with it, and/or make as much as you want through it, you would need to determine how potentially profitable the item/product is, before you start or set up a business based on it.

You can do some research, to determine if a product/service is potentially profitable enough, to make multi-billions (or any specific amount of profits) by reviewing some statistics or figures, on what other businesses have made within some few years or more selling such an item/product over time.

From this, you can get to know how much other businesses have had to spend, selling the item/product, in order to make multi-billions through it. This should give you some idea of how much you may need to spend/commit, to your business too, in order for you to profit as much as those other businesses did, with the item/product.

You will most likely need to commit a lot of resources (in terms of skills, tools, funds, time etc) to your business in order to make as much as multi-billions through it.

If you truly wish to profit, succeed and make some money selling any item/product, you will need to do a lot more than sell the item/product. Before you sell or market the item/product at all, you will need to do some research to determine

  • The niche that the item/product cater to
  • The targets that are likely to buy the item/product
  • How much of the value that those targets want that the item/product will provide
  • The value your competitors are already providing in the niche
  • What your own unique edge will be
  • If you can afford to set up and run the business within a specific period of time
  • etc

Doing this can help you to avoid starting a business you cannot sustain, difficulty with creating the content, ads and/or offers you will need to promote the item/product, business failure, difficulty with making money with your business idea etc.

To profit and succeed with a business, irrespective of whatever amount of money you may want to make through the business, is generally a lot more involving than most people think.

One of the upside to starting a business however, is that you can start a business based on what you have or can afford, if you set up the business correctly to profit, you can do this with some research. You can use the profit steps as outlined in The Profit Blueprint to accomplish this.