Business Graphics

Business graphics are any type of graphics that can be used in a business.

Creating Business Graphics That Sell

You can use graphics in your business to

  • Gain credibility
  • Create appeal
  • Sell
  • Promote your products and services
  • Brand your business

Before you can create graphics that sell for your business, you will need to have researched and determined

  • The niche you will be selling to
  • Who your targets are
  • The locations/countries you will be selling to
  • The targets you will be selling to in each specific locations/countries
  • What your targets in each specific location want or need
  • The value you will be providing to your targets in the specific locations/countries you will be selling to
  • How to profit and succeed with your business
  • The right product/service to sell and provide to your targets
  • The right type of content, ads and offers that sell that should be used to promote to your products and services
  • You should also have created or found the right type of product/service that would provide your targets with the value that they want or need

You can learn more about this in The Profit Blueprint.

After you have done some research for your business you may then need to

  • Create some business materials
  • Set up your business online and/or offline
  • Create a website (if you are setting up your business online)
  • Promote your products/services online, offline and/or on mobile platforms
  • Create some ads, content and offers to use for your promotions
  • Promote your products and services on targeted ad media/methods in order to make the sale

You will generally need to use some graphics in one form or the other with each one of these steps in order to profit.

You will need professional graphics for your business in order to sell. If you don’t have the skill to create professional graphics for your business, you may need to hire a graphic designer, as an employee or as a third party service provider through outsourcing.

Using amateurish-looking graphics in your business is not an option, since it can prevent you from making the sale, and could also lead to a loss of credibility for your business too, you will want to avoid this.

Adding Some Words To Your Graphics

You may need to add some words or messages to your graphics in order for them to sell. You will need attention grabbing words/messages with your graphics. You can create such messages by yourself, or with the help of a copywriter.

A copywriter will most likely need to work with your graphic designer in order to create effective graphics that sell for your business.

The Type Of Graphics You Can Use With Your Business

Some of the different types of graphics that you can use with your business include icons, images, illustrations, textures, patterns, objects etc.

What You Can Use Graphics With In Your Business

You can use graphics with the following in your business

Business Materials
Your business materials include letterheads, memos, envelopes etc. You may need or can use some graphics with these.

Your Brand
You can use graphics to brand your business with logos, graphic themes, graphic templates etc.

Your Website
You can use graphics with different aspect of your site, you (if you are the one designing your website) or your web designer will typically need to work with a graphic designer in order to provide your site with a professional outlook.

You may also opt to use a website template or theme, which would also need some graphics too. You can learn more about website templates and website themes at
You can also use graphics with a blog and blog themes too.

Ads, offers and content
Your promotional ads, content and offers can be created as text, images, ebooks, videos, mobile app, software, presentation slides, infographics, landing pages etc hence you can use some graphics with them too.

Ad media
The ad (advertising) media that you can use for your promotions can be designed professionally with one or more graphics. Examples of ad media are newsletters, infographics, ebooks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, informational pamphlets (offline) etc.

Products And Services
You can create graphical images to represent your product/service, your product may also be in the form of an ebook, video, newsletter, mobile app, software, presentation slide, online courses etc which may need some graphics too.

Product Packaging
Graphics are typically used on the packaging of products

The Products And Services You May Need – To Use Graphics In Your Business

  • Custom Graphics Design Services
  • Stock Images and pre-made graphics
  • Templates – for websites, PowerPoint slides, ebooks, newsletters etc
  • Themes – for websites, blogs, graphics etc
  • Graphics Software
  • Copywriting Services