What Is The Key Difference Between Making Less Than $1000, A $1000 Or More Through The Social Media?

The main or key difference between making less than a thousand dollars, or $1000 or more (that is $2000, $5000, six-figures etc) through the social media, is the amount of money you may need to spend on your social media marketing.

The more money/profits that you may want to make, or generate in your business through the social media, the more money you will most likely need to commit to (that is, spend on) your social media marketing.

In addition to this, you may also

  • Need more people to work for you (that is, with your social media marketing)
  • Need to sell more products/services
  • Need to sell in more niches, locations and/or countries
  • And may also need to sell to more targets

In order for you to make as much as you want through the social media, in your business.

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