Social Commerce Or Ecommerce

Social commerce or social ecommerce is the use of the social media networks for ecommerce or commercial transactions. You can use social commerce/ecommerce in your business on the social media.

Some social commerce/ecommerce options that you may have to sell your products on the social media include

On Facebook

  • Third Party Facebook App Stores (that integrate with ecommerce platforms or some stores like Ecwid etc)
  • Facebook Messenger (that is, Facebook chat app, this can be used to pay for either a product or a service)

On Pinterest

Your potential customers can buy through any of these options on Facebook and Pinterest respectively without leaving either of both sites. With a Facebook Shop however, you can also direct your potential customers to another website, to complete their purchases, or you may choose to arrange for payments to be made to you through bank transfer, cash on delivery etc.

You will need to read the terms and conditions for using any of these options (including determining the type of products that you can sell with each one of these) on each respective site, before using them.

Selling A Service Or Getting The Right Payment Option For Your Business

If you are selling a service or if all of the options above are not available for you in your country and/or location, you can also make use of some of the following options too, to sell your product/service through the social media

  • Apps that will let you list your products/services on the social media, and that will also direct your potential customers from the social media sites, to your online store/website, when your potential customers click on your products/services in such apps
  • Urls that will direct your potential customers from the social media sites, to your online store or the payment page for your product(s) and/or service(s), on your website
  • Custom tab apps (such as the free Static HTML: iframe tab), that you can install on a Facebook page, and then add some html codes, that may list or display your products/services, and that will also direct your potential customers from the social media sites to your online store or website. You may need to use a secure url link (that is, something like –, within the html codes that you may wish to use with your custom tab app on Facebook, in order for this to work.
  • Buy buttons on some social media sites, that will direct your potential customers from the social media sites, to your online store or the payment page for your product(s) and/or service(s) on your website

An Alternative To PayPal

In addition to the above, while payment services like PayPal etc are quite popular, they may however not be available in every country, hence you may need to use an alternative payment option like Payza for instance, in order to get paid through your social media traffic for your product/service.

Payza (a UK based ecommerce company) is available in several countries including some of the countries that do not have access to PayPal.

You can set up your product or service to accept payment through Payza on your site, and then direct your potential customers to your payment page from the social media. You can learn more about setting up Payza to receive payments with a free business account at

Non-Digital Payment Options

In addition to receiving payments digitally through the social media, you can also receive the payments for your product/service through the social media in some non-digital form too, through some options such as phone calls, manual (bank) checks/cheques, cash on delivery, in-store payments etc. You can use such non-digital form of payments through or with your website, some social media site’s Buy buttons, a Facebook Shop, some online stores like Ecwid etc.

Some Free Options

Some free options that you may have, to receive payments for your products/services through or from the social media are as follows

  • You can set up, up to 10 products for free with an Ecwid store/app
  • You can also set up your product/service to receive payment through Payza for free too, you will only need to pay a fee, when you actually make a sale.
  • You can set up a free online store with WordPress and WooCommerce. You can use this to sell one or more products/services, by directing your traffic to a payment page (set up with Payza for instance) and/or for manual payment processing like checks/cheques, in-store payments etc, that is, if you wish to use such options, in your business.

You can learn more about these options at FacebookEcwid, Payza, WordPress and WooCommerce respectively. You can also review other online stores and payment processors for some additional free options too.

You will need to review all of the foregoing options in order to determine what would work for your business.

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