Facebook Marketing: Using Facebook To Profit

In order for you to profit in your business through Facebook, you will first of all need to know the following

You can click on the links above to learn more about each one of these. Once you’ve gained some understanding on these, you can then use Facebook to profit in your business.

You will need to connect and engage with others on Facebook, in order for you to generate some sales through it.

You can connect with others on Facebook through your profile, pages and/or groups. A Facebook profile is a web page where you can fill in some information about yourself and/or your firm or company. A Facebook page is typically a web page that is specifically set up for a business, a Facebook group is a community that is made up of people with similar interests.

You can generally engage with others through Facebook by

  • Posting Some Content (Text, images, videos etc)
  • Commenting (on your posts or others’)
  • Following others (that is, by subscribing to updates on users’ profiles, posts, comments etc). Anyone that subscribes to the updates on a profile, post etc, is typically referred to as a “follower”
  • Sharing content (that is, yours or others’)
  • Messaging
  • Mentioning (other users on Facebook in your posts/comments)
  • Liking (that is, up voting other people’s posts or comments)

In addition to these, you can also generate some sales for your business too, through Facebook advertising (paid), and with the help of one or more Facebook influencers. Facebook influencers are Facebook users with a large or some considerable active following, who may recommend your business, products and services to their followers and others. Facebook advertising typically involve paying for advertisements on Facebook, in order to promote a business and/or product or service.

You will need to choose or select the specific group of targets, that you will want to network (that is, connect and engage) with on Facebook, that you may want to use for the promotion of your products/services. You may also need to choose your target groups by location too, depending on how you may have opted to sell.

Each Facebook user can generally create a profile, page and/or group on Facebook, you can therefore create these too, to promote your business, products and/or services. There may be some rules or restrictions, on what you can use each one of these for on Facebook. You will need to read Facebook’s terms of use, in order to know what you can or cannot do with each one of these on the site.

You will generally need to post some relevant and valuable content regularly, on your Facebook page(s), and/or your group(s), in order to retain your Facebook targets/followers from the start and over time.

Your Target Groups

To generate some sales for your business, you may choose to connect and engage with some of the following target groups on Facebook

  • Your Potential Customers
  • Businesses That May Help You To Market Or Promote Your Products/Services
  • Organizations That May Help You To Market Or Promote Your Products/Services
  • Individuals That May Help You To Market Or Promote Your Products/Services

You can connect with each type of target groups locally, on a national level and internationally too, within one or more regions, continents, countries and localities through Facebook.

You can generate some sales for your business through such target groups, by promoting directly to your targeted audience and/or through referrals, partnerships and joint ventures.

You will need to do some research on Facebook, in order for you to find the specific group of targets

That you can network (connect and engage) with, who may need or want the specific type of value that you provide with your products/services, or
That you can do some form of partnership or joint ventures with, that would provide your business with some referrals and sales.

Through your networking efforts on Facebook

  • Your business, products or services may be found by your potential customers
  • You may also find some customers for your business by yourself too
  • Individuals, businesses and other organizations may also provide you with some sales through referrals, partnerships and joint ventures, through Facebook

You may use your employees to connect and engage with your targets on Facebook.

Before you use Facebook for the promotion/marketing of your business, products and/or services, you should ideally have set up a website for your business online, in order for you to be able to direct the traffic (targets), that you will be getting through Facebook, to your site.

To Succeed With Using Facebook For Profit

In order for you to be successful with your use of Facebook, before you start connecting and engaging on it, you will generally need to

  • Know what your niche is
  • Know who your targets are (those that are likely to buy from you)
  • Know the specific locations you will be selling to
  • Know where you are likely to get to your targets (potential customers) at each of the specific locations you may want to sell in
  • Know the type of ads, content and offers that sell that should be used for your promotions
  • Know what your targets (potential customers) want or need, the problems they have and the solutions to the problems they may have in your chosen niche per the locations you may wish to sell
  • Know the value that you will be providing to your targets in each of the locations you may wish to sell
  • Know the value that you can provide to your potential customers that will sell
  • Know what makes your business, product and/or service unique
    Have created or found the products and services that will provide your targets with the value that they want
  • Know the number of buying targets (customers) that you will need to get to, in order for you to make as much as you want in your business
  • Know how to profit and succeed with your business
  • Know what your business can provide, that will complement other businesses and organizations and their products and/or services

These are part of what you would need to have researched on, before you start your business and your promotions, if you wish to succeed; you can learn more about this in The Profit Blueprint.

Do Effective Facebook Marketing

To make your Facebook marketing efforts effective, you should ideally

  • Focus on building a relationship first with your targets before trying to sell, you will get some better results that way.
  • Keep in touch with your targets/followers regularly
  • Help your targets/followers out whenever they need it – with a resource, tip, some other act/function etc, that you can provide
  • Follow up with your targets/followers and find out if they need your help in some way
  • Share some of your knowledge, skills and expertise that could help your targets/followers
  • Define what (the benefits) you can provide to the specific groups of targets that you will be connecting and engaging with on Facebook
  • Define what you are likely to gain or benefit from the specific groups of targets that you will be connecting and engaging with on Facebook
  • Create promotional plans for Facebook to promote your products/services
  • Do targeted Facebook marketing and promotions

To Promote Your Products/Services Through Facebook

You will need to

  • Define the target groups (potential customers, other businesses that may help you to generate income in your business etc) that you will want to connect and engage with on Facebook
  • Do some research to determine if you can find your targets on Facebook
  • Create a profile for yourself on Facebook
  • Create a page for your business on Facebook
  • Look for some groups where you can get to your chosen targets on Facebook
  • Decide on what you are going to use to connect with your targets on Facebook
  • Determine the medium/options that you will be using to engage with your targets, that is, determine if it is your pages and/or groups that you will be using to do this, on Facebook
  • Determine where you will be posting the content that you will be using to connect and engage with your targets, and for the promotion of your products/services, on Facebook, that is, determine if you will be posting your content on your page(s) and/or group(s)
  • Determine if you will be responding to comments on your posts (you should) and if you will be using mentions (in your posts and comments) too.
  • Determine if you will be posting, commenting and using mentions on your targets’ and other users’ profiles, pages and/or groups too.
  • Create some promotional plans on how you will network/promote on Facebook within some specific period of time
  • Determine the content, ads and offers, tools, skills (yours, your employees’ and/or third parties’ through outsourcing), resources, expert help (you may need) and the extent or level of promotional assistance that you will need, to implement your promotional plans on Facebook
  • Determine how much all of these will cost you
  • Create and/or get the content, ads, offers, tools, skills, resources, expert help and/or promotional assistance that you will need to implement your promotional plans on Facebook
  • Incorporate your tracking codes in your content, ads and offers
  • Promote, that is, engage and connect with your targets on Facebook
  • Track the results that you are getting from your profile, pages, groups etc, from Facebook, on your website, using your tracking codes, ads and sales tracking system/software. You should also make use of any of the analytics tools that may be available on Facebook too.
  • Determine the total number of customers, subscribers, leads and traffic/visitors that you are getting from Facebook, through your tracked results
  • Determine the Facebook ads, content, offers, promotions and ad campaigns, that you may either need to drop or continue to use, based on how effective each one of these has been, at providing your business with some customers, subscribers and/or visitors
  • Optimize the results that you tracked on Facebook for more sales
  • Choose or select your next promotions, ads, content, offers and ad campaigns based on your tracked results
  • Plan your next promotions on Facebook, for a specific period of time, based on your tracked results

You can generally use or apply all of these steps repeatedly in your business, in order to profit.

You will need to track the number of customers that you are getting in your business, from Facebook, within some specific periods of time, in order for you to be able to determine how effective Facebook has been, in generating some revenue and income for your business.

You will need to collate the results of your Facebook promotions together, with the results from all the other ad media/methods, that you may be using in your business, to promote your products/services, in order for you to get an overall overview, of what may be working for your business. You should be able to do this with the help of your business’ ads and sales tracking software/system.

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